My name is Samantha. I am hard of hearing. I am married (eight years & counting!) & I have a nine year old son.

I live in Austin, Texas.

My love for photography started with wondering how people were achieving their selfies. People's self portraits were literally art to me & I wanted to create that type of art.

I started out with a point & shoot camera in 2007. I used the camera to fulfill my creative soul by taking self portraits or photos of my boyfriend (now husband.) Sadly, they are all lost except for a few photos. (click here to see the few photos I have left of us.) Then I shifted from self portraits to my son when he was born in 2009. I took pictures almost every day & I am proud to say that I have proof of his baby life in a photo album. For Christmas 2011, I received a DSLR camera from my husband & I was over the moon so happy. I haven't stopped creating since.


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