science fair project

In fourth & fifth grade, science fair projects are mandatory. So, for Christian’s science project, he watered three plants with lemon juice, coca cola, & tap water. Unsurprisingly, tap water won. Surprsingly, coke did better than the lemon juice.


I had donut holes for breakfast & took a long nap. We had Chik Fil A for dinner & played Uno for three hours. I baked chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake. It was good day. <3

back to school

Christmas break was so great that Christian did not really want to go back to school. It was even foggy & gloomy outside to match his feelings. As we were walking to school, he felt a little taller to me. I don’t know if it was his haircut or if he really grew taller over the break but I am not okay with that. I can’t believe this is the last semester of fourth grade & I know this is going to go by in a flash.

favorite of 2018

I didn’t take a whole lot of personal photos this year. I wasn’t feel inspired enough, which sucks, but it is what it is. I managed to get down to Sanderson for my cousin’s wedding & spent a few weeks visiting family during the summer. I had the best photoshoots this year & I still gush over the pictures every time I look at them.

family visit <3

Kimberly & her family came to visit us the day after Christmas. We played Uno & Jenga. The kids all played/watched each other play Fortnite. We took the kids swimming at the hotel indoor pool. We went to Pinballz, Topgolf, & Pappadeaux. We also did a photoshoot for the girls!




Blake <3

she wanted to take her toys outside to play with them.
then we walked around & ended up at the playground.


while we were waiting to be seated

christmas 2018

Christmas Eve

Traditionally, we one open present for Christmas Eve. We decided to open the one that was addressed to us all from Grandma Becky & Grandpa Phil. The present was indoor snowballs! So, we had a snowball fight. They requested a video, so that’s that I took. The video was hilarious, shaky, & overall poorly made. lmao. They loved the video though. I took this screenshot because of course, I always want a picture instead.

Christmas Morning

As usual, I woke up before everyone at 5:15 a.m. I woke Christian up at 6 & we threw the snowballs at John to wake him up. lol. We went downstairs to look in our stockings. Christian got candy, a toothbrush, Uno, two different types of gum, & deodorant. Usually, John just gets candy but I decided to add a back scratcher to his stocking this year. John passed out the gifts while I took pictures for myself & video for Grandma Becky & Grandpa Phil.

I don’t know why he was trying to snoop through MY stocking lmao

Christian’s gifts
from me & John: Fornite Monopoly, Lava Lamp, Headset, $25 PS4 gift card, Fortnite shirts, & a Juniper plushie that came with an autograph.
from grandma & grandpa: a black water bottle, Fortnite shirts, Fornite backpack, & three science experiements.

John’s gifts
from me & Christian: slippers & a beard kit.
from his parents: shirts that his mom added the GS logo onto.

My gifts
from John & Christian: cooking pans, earrings, exercise roller, & memory cards.
from Becky & Phil:
photography books & a jacket that has Samantha Whitford Photography and a camera on the front.

gingerbread village

Grandma Becky & Grandpa Phil sent a Gingerbread Village in the mail for Christian. Christian loooves getting them. <3 Of course, you can’t have a village without the storm. lol

Hot Chocolate + Sweet Goodies

The office was giving out hot chocolate & sweet goodies so Christian & I got some. I went to sit down to drink my hot chocolate when Christian asked if I was going to take a picture. I wasn’t planning on it & he was so offended. I took one picture & set my camera down. Christian said, “That’s it? You don’t want to take anymore?” lmao.