i am sort of on hiatus.

photos taken on the road between fort stockton & sanderson texas.

My old laptop broke down, therefore I do not have access to my editing programs, so I don't have anything new to share at the moment.

I am moving to Round Rock, Texas sometime next month. I am obviously  pretty nervous about moving to a new place. But I am super excited about meeting new people & shooting in a new location!

Follow me on Instagram at samkayphotography. I am honestly excited about the new Instagram Stories. I love seeing everything everyone share. I mainly use Snapchat to send ugly face selfies to my sisters & best friend. No one needs to see that! Hahaha.  Anyway, I'm excited to use this feature to show you all the behind the scenes, editing, products, etc. It will be awkward talking on video at first since I am not used to that, but bear with me as I figured it out!

Christian is turning seven in a few weeks & he is in second grade. He actually starts school on his birthday. I honestly cannot believe that Christian will be seven years old. Time as a parent really does fly by. So, I will be taking birthday & first day of school photos in a few weeks.