2018 goals.

I suck at resolutions but these seem do-able. I just have to stay focused & force myself to learn something new. Creativity-wise, 2017 was a lazy year for me, even though it was supposed to be the year. I am hoping to change that in twenty-eighteen. fingers crossed

Anyway, these are some of the goals I would like to work on:

life goals

be more present as a mom & wife
be more present in conversations in real life & online
learn something new
read books

creativity goals

take more pictures
get in front of the camera with christian
start a 365 day or 52 week project
step up my editing game
take more videos
blog often

fitness goals

work out at least three times a week
work on healthy eating habits
learn to meal prep
lift heavier, obviously

You know, the same shit I say every year. lol.