christmas 2018

Christmas Eve

Traditionally, we one open present for Christmas Eve. We decided to open the one that was addressed to us all from Grandma Becky & Grandpa Phil. The present was indoor snowballs! So, we had a snowball fight. They requested a video, so that’s that I took. The video was hilarious, shaky, & overall poorly made. lmao. They loved the video though. I took this screenshot because of course, I always want a picture instead.

Christmas Morning

As usual, I woke up before everyone at 5:15 a.m. I woke Christian up at 6 & we threw the snowballs at John to wake him up. lol. We went downstairs to look in our stockings. Christian got candy, a toothbrush, Uno, two different types of gum, & deodorant. Usually, John just gets candy but I decided to add a back scratcher to his stocking this year. John passed out the gifts while I took pictures for myself & video for Grandma Becky & Grandpa Phil.

I don’t know why he was trying to snoop through MY stocking lmao

Christian’s gifts
from me & John: Fornite Monopoly, Lava Lamp, Headset, $25 PS4 gift card, Fortnite shirts, & a Juniper plushie that came with an autograph.
from grandma & grandpa: a black water bottle, Fortnite shirts, Fornite backpack, & three science experiements.

John’s gifts
from me & Christian: slippers & a beard kit.
from his parents: shirts that his mom added the GS logo onto.

My gifts
from John & Christian: cooking pans, earrings, exercise roller, & memory cards.
from Becky & Phil:
photography books & a jacket that has Samantha Whitford Photography and a camera on the front.