hair evolution.

December 2014 (cut: march 2015) - December 2017

I went from: "short on one side, long on the other," to crew cut, to mohawk, then a crew cut/fauxhawk thing. Then I just spent a painful two years growing out my hair. My hair is finally back at a length I am comfortable with. I loved having short hair when I was able to style it correctly, which was like once every two weeks. My hair basically lived in a ponytail or just in a sad state. I remember when Kayla took me to get my hair cut. Cutting my hair this short was a very bold move. I kinda regretted the cut when it happened & I remember telling her that I felt like I looked like Ursula. lolol. But cutting my hair super short was an experience I needed to have & now, the need is out of my system. I learned that I prefer having long hair & short hair is a pain in the ass to style. Now, I can't wait for my hair to grown down my back. Long mermaid hair is what I am going for.