new hearing aids

If you don't know, I am hard of hearing. I wear a hearing aid in both ears to help me hear a bit better. I am not deaf as I can still hear a little bit of noise without my hearing aids. I have even had conversations without my hearing aids on, but only with people I am close to.

I didn't start wearing hearing aids until I was three years old. I don't know what caused me to lose some of my hearing. Most likely from medication that I had to take to save my life as a baby. I can't get the cochlear implants, but I wouldn't get them anyway. There's nothing wrong with my ears. I don't feel the need to improve my hearing any more than I already do with these awesome hearing aids.

I don't know sign language, so please do not sign at me & ask what you're saying. I do have a desire to learn, so maybe one day. I didn't realize I had an accent until high school. I am twenty-five years old & this is my first time choosing ear molds with fun colors! Of course, I chose black. I don't care to play the, "Can you hear this?" game. It is ignorant & rude. The "baby hears for the first time" videos aren't cute to me.

If  you want to have a conversation with me, do not cover your mouth & always make sure you are facing me. Rarely can I understand a person that is not facing me. I may ask you to repeat yourself. Sometimes this isn't a matter of I didn't hear you, but I didn't understand you. The confusion comes from words not reaching my brain fast enough or whatever. Which is why sometimes it'll take me a second to fully understand what you have just said & then I'll be like, "Oh!" & respond. I may just ask you to text me whatever you're saying. So, there's no need to raise your voice. That never helps. This is the same with watching tv or listening to music. Raising the volume doesn't help me understand the words any better. The sound is just fucking loud at that point & gives me a headache.

I could talk on the phone, but I would rather not. Talking on the phone causes so much anxiety because I hate having to ask someone to repeat themselves. Instead, let's text like normal people do & meet up in person to talk.

I think I have covered everything people usually ask me & everything I wanted to share.
I will probably add more to this as time goes on.