how to prepare for a family photo shoot

Start thinking about what products you want. Measure your wall space. Write down what you want in preparation for your Viewing & Ordering Session that will take place two weeks after your photo session.

Plan your outfits
First, decide what style everyone is wearing to the photo shoot. Will the style be more casual or dressy? Will there be a particular theme?

Pick at least three colors. This will help give variety to your family style.

Pick shirts that do not have any characters or logos on them. Characters & logos will date your photos & you want the photos to be as timeless as possible.

Mixing patterns is ok if you limit them. Patterns should only go on one part of your body. For example: a solid color shirt with chevron skirt. A polka dot shirt with solid color leggings. A plaid shirt with jeans. Or maybe a solid shirt with a striped bowtie & khaki pants. The only time it is ok for your outfit to be full of patterns is if you're wearing a dress.

It is best to avoid any new hairstyles & make up. You want to stick with something you know you love & are comfortable with.

Get plenty of rest!
If everyone is grumpy from lack of sleep, the photos will turn out terribly.

Eat something light & healthy. Drink plenty of water.
You want to feel your best during your photo shoot. Skip the alcohol, sodas, & candy to avoid bloat. Make sure everyone is full. Full tummies = a happy family.

Relax & have fun!
Avoid planning too many errands on the day of your photo shoot. You want to be as relaxed as possible. Do not force your children to smile. Avoid saying, "Cheese!" Your mouth forming the word "cheese" does not produce a real smile or even look a like a smile in general. If your children aren't cooperating (posing exactly how you want them or smiling), don't worry about it! As long as they aren't screaming, crying, or running away from me, just let them be. Sometimes the serious faces are the best faces. Let their smiles & laughs come naturally as you interact as a family.