i deactivated facebook

I have been comtemplating for awhile (over a year) about whether for not I should deactivate Facebook. I have spent 9+ years on this website & I feel done. At least for now. Facebook is just full of negativity, politics, & people sharing every littlle thing, which I am 100% guilty of. I am just tired of these types of posts. I also feel that Facebook is a huge time suck. Before I deleted the app on my phone, fb was one of the first things I checked in the mornings & I hated that. When I am on my computer, I check fb constantly. I hate that, too. So, I think it’s a good idea to get rid of it for a little while. I will just share more on Instagram & my website, then link to my Facebook photography page. Hopefully, I am just able to stay away from Facebook for good. We’ll see how that goes though. lol. The cool thing is though, messenger still works if people want to get in touch.