i kind of miss the online community.

I remember the days when I used to be a part of an online community on thebump. Now, the forum is dead & thenest doesn't even have a community anymore. I came across thebump while stumbling upon theknot because I was super into wedding crap back then (at age 16 / 17. lol.) I don't even think I was pregnant yet. I think Christian was a few months old when I finally joined thebump. I was so shy & sometimes felt stupid when I made a post, but I met an amazing group of women who helped me through motherhood & the early years of my marriage. The group became smaller & smaller as groups do when you get to know each other & piss each other off. Now, I am only friends with three on Facebook. That probably says more about me than them, but it is what it is.

From there, I discovered the world of blogging. I miss when blogging was all the rage. A few of the mommies blogged & we all commented on each other's stuff. Or you randomly found people through the comment section & followed their blogs. I was always thrilled when they commented on my posts. I am still friends with some of them & I love following their work on Instagram.

I found one of my favorite photographers through thebump & blogging. She still is an amazing photographer but now I mainly follow her for fitness. She's a total badass. [klodid]

Another former blogger disappears & reappears at random, but I still love her work & I am willing to wait for her. Haha.

Another one became an amazing friend & photographer. She has helped me through my photography journey & I had the pleasure of meeting her almost a year ago. [gabby]

sam and gabby

From blogging, I somehow came across Tumblr. Tumblr is where I pretty much became the person I am today. I discovered self love, body positivity, feminism, & various activism movements. I learned about white privlege, male privilege, racism, etc. These newfound realizations are part of why I lost some of my online friends. Opinions clash & no one can handle being wrong or knowing we have different opinions. 

Now, the online community seens to be mostly on Facebook & Instagram. I mostly stick to the photography groups. I have even found some amazing people through photography groups or through friends who are into photography. 

Amazingly enough, because of Facebook & photography, I met my BEST FRIEND in the whole world. Sadly, she lives in a different state but we talk every day, sometimes all day. Haha.

samantha whitford photography austin texas photographer (18).jpg

I can't seem to connect as I have done in the past, even in groups that I have created myself. Somehow, as a young adult, I just had more to talk about. Now, I am quite reserved or I have already shared all I have to share.

Maybe I have just outgrown the online community, but I do miss being an active part of it.

I think I want to make blogging more often a habit. Just stuff no one cares about. Just daily motherhood stuff. Maybe daily or weekly blogging will force me to take more pictures. Or maybe I won't do it at all. Who knows.