is it fall yet?

I am honestly ready for Summer to be over. When Summer started I really thought that I would be energetic, happier, & productive. Instead, I've just been lazy, blah, & undisciplined in the things I should be doing every single day, like working out. I blame the heat. I haven't posted on Instagram in awhile because I don't do anything. I just lay in the a.c. hoping Summer ends soon.

I have eaten & drank like shit all Summer. I've only worked out twice, maybe three times. And I CAN TELL. That's probably part of the reason for my blah mood. BUT I can tell in my body & that's depressing as fuck. WHATEVER. Not the end of the world. I will fix that soon. Discipline is important. There's a reason why this is a lifestyle change & a lifelong habit & not one time deal. D U H.


School shopping is almost done. We've got the clothes & supplies. Now, Christian just needs shoes & a haircut. I can't believe he's in the fourth grade & turning nine soon. Christian keeps saying, "Can you believe I'm in the FOURTH grade?! Soon, I'll be in middle school!" Let's not the think about that.

School starts a little early this year, but the good thing about that is Christian finally gets to take cupcakes to school on his birthday. Usually, school starts after his birthday. Why do we not take cupcakes anyway? I don't know. I honestly never thought about to do that. Oh, well.

[the photo has nothing to do with the post]