my thoughts.

I don't believe that it is unamerican to criticize your country, the president, the government, the anthem, the pledge of allegiance, the past, where the future is going, etc. In fact, I think the most American thing you can do is use your right to criticize your country. You can still be a proud American and want to improve your country.

I do not understand this blind loyalty or blind patriotism some people have. They seem to think if you question anything at all about the “traditions” the USA have, then you must hate your country or you aren’t proudor thankful to be here. It almost seems like the blind followers want to prove how American they are & how thankful they are to be here. Like some sort of competition. Being an American isn't a competition.

People still have this notion that any war we are in, any bombing that happens, etc. is all there to ~*protect*~ America & the freedom we have. Seems like they haven't quite grasped that wars & bombing & recruiting unsuspecting people with the lure of lots of money & "family is important" are ALL about money for the rich people.

The American flag pattern is everywhere. It's in our advertisement, on the clothes we wear, on blankets, posters, the can you drink your beer out of, etc. No one bats an eye to any of that, but as soon as someone *coughs*ablackperson*coughs* decides to kneel during a song, they are "disrepecting" the flag. I honestly believe this is all fake outrage just to make yourself feel like you are a Proud American.