365 photo challenge

sixty three / three sixty five

samantha whitford photography atx photographer-122.png

Shooting while Christian sits in front of the window fills my soul with happiness. 

My prompts to Christian for the black and white photos were: Stare  at your lollipop with a serious face & look at it like it's a bomb. & then he just laughed hard the whole time because of his face expressions in the photos. lolol.

samantha whitford photography atx photographer-166.png

forty two / three sixty five

this was actually taken on day 43 but who cares. can't wait to use this on my head. i use the soap in a different smell & i love it.

thirty nine / three sixty five

Christian's Grandma Becky & Grandpa Phil sent a military toy set & a stuffed triceratops. He spent an hour after opening the box making a video with his new toys. lol. Christian then sent a message to his grandma & they came up with the name Stompy. Of course, Stompy had to be included in popcorn eating & watching Youtube videos.