christmas 2016

My family & I traveled to Georgia to see family we had not seen in over five years. I loved watching Christian interact with his grandparents. <3

Basically the visit consisted of eating a bunch of delicious cookies & staying up super late. I took a bunch of photos of our airplane rides & of John, Michelle, & Ben talking about video games. We opened awesome presents for Christmas & ate delicious food.  I had an awesome time visiting with them. Felt like we never even left. Hopefully, we will go back sooner than five years.

My sister in law, Michelle, & her boyfriend, Ben.

Christian & his gramma built & painted some birdhouses! 

Kinda weird to see someone using a phone attached the wall, right?
Gotta document that for the future.

I really had an awesome time photographing Michelle & Ben. They just celebrated their one year dating anniversary. Seriously one of my favorite couple's photo shoot I've done so far. Click the link below to see their photos. <3 

Michelle & Ben

The day after Christmas, I finally got to meet Elizabeth & Abby. And then I forced everyone to stand together to take pictures. I can't wait to print these ones out!

liz, brendan, & kayla

Just wanted to share a few shots from the Liz & Brendan photo shoot. Kayla is my best friend, so of course I had to take a few pictures of her. Brendan & Kayla are siblings & he wanted a few pictures with her. Honestly, I loved this photo shoot so much. I wish I could work with Brendan & Liz again. Liz is the sweetest person ever. And it's not every day that you get to work with a dude who wants his photo taken. And those tattoos & piercings? Seriously so awesome.

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liz + brendan

Aren't Brendan & Liz the cutest couple? I learned during the photo shoot that they actually met on Instagram. Crazy stuff. I'm so happy that they trusted my vision during the shoot because I absolutely love all of these photos. The tree shot is my favorite. <3

favorite images

I wanted to put together a post of all of my favorite images that I took over my time in Sanderson. 

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