last day of school

last day of fourth grade. last day of 4th grade (1).jpg last day of 4th grade (5).jpg

Christian finished fourth grade with all A’s! I can’t believe he’s in the fifth grade now & he’ll be turning ten really soon.

last day of third grade

Christian didn't go to school on his last day because he wasn't feeling well. I didn't want to miss out on his last day of school photo so I made him go out at the end of the day to take some pictures. Christian was not amused. lol. BUT it's fine. Christian finished the school year with all A's! So awesome. I can't believe he is officially a fourth grader!

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last day of second grade

Christian & his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Jansen.

Christian & his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Jansen.

In 2nd grade, Christian:
- discovered his love for writing stories.
- made a book of short stories & had it printed from a photo lab.
- read the book he wrote in class.
- joined reading & game club.
- visited the capitol building of texas.
- passed 2nd grade with flying colors.

I can't believe Christian is going into the 3rd grade & will be turning 8 soon. He's getting so big!