last day of third grade

Christian didn't go to school on his last day because he wasn't feeling well. I didn't want to miss out on his last day of school photo so I made him go out at the end of the day to take some pictures. Christian was not amused. lol. BUT it's fine. Christian finished the school year with all A's! So awesome. I can't believe he is officially a fourth grader!

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gingerbread village 2017

John's mom sent a gingerbread village for Christian to put together. John did the gluing; Christian & I held the houses together; Christian did the decorating while John dealt with the gluing. Annnnd then a "natural distaster" (snowstorm) happened & destroyed the village.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

basically more pictures of blake.

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last day of july.

These were taken on our walk home from the gym. Christian is going through his don't take pictures of me phase, which is fine. He has every right to not have his picture taken. Sometimes, I can be a bit much. But I have been kind of sad about not having very many pictures of him over from the summer, so I decided to take my camera to the gym just in case he let me take pictures on the way home. Surprisingly, he did!

Christian is so cute with his missing teeth & his long summer hair. He's so ready to chop off his hair though. I'm just nervous about finding a hairdresser who can properly cut his hair. The last few times he has gotten his hair cut, they have messed up the cut.

Christian starts third grade & turns eight in twenty two days! Eek!


Finally met & took a few pictures of Emma, Katie & Isaac's daughter.

I can't wait to take their family photos in a few months!

This is Noah when he was three months old.

This is Noah when he was three months old.