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In 2016, I got to photograph quite a few couples. I was there for my sister's pregnancy & my niece's birth. I even got to do her newborn photos, which I learned wasn't the type of photography I would want to take on full time. Kudos to all the birth & newborn photographers out there; birth & newborn photography is hard ass work. I switched over to offering prints & products, which has been the best decision I could have made. I absolutely love seeing my work in print. And I know my clients love seeing their loved ones in photos on their walls & photo albums. <3 

The images you see below are just a few of my favorites from 2016.

Once Christian finished school & Summer rolled around, we finally moved back home to be with John after he spent several months in Korea. Then we moved to Austin, where Christian started second grade & John started college & making videos. I got to photograph my cousin's second pregnancy, which was super awesome since I took photos of her first pregnancy. We visited with family in Georgia for the first time since moving to Texas in Summer 2011. 

I am ready for 2017. I am ready to meet new people & create amazing art. I am ready to check off the few goals I have on my photography bucket list. I am ready to print my work more often. Hopefully, I put myself out there a bit more in 2017 because I know amazing things will happen when I do.

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favorite images

favorite images

I wanted to put together a post of all of my favorite images that I took over my time in Sanderson. 

nature in macro

Different camera settings, different macro lengths, different angle, but the same exact plant.

The top photo is taken with my regular lens. The bottom photo is taken with a macro filter of the same exact flower. The bottom photo isn't perfect, but I'm still practicing with the filters. Practice makes perfect.