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gingerbread village 2017

John's mom sent a gingerbread village for Christian to put together. John did the gluing; Christian & I held the houses together; Christian did the decorating while John dealt with the gluing. Annnnd then a "natural distaster" (snowstorm) happened & destroyed the village.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Finally met & took a few pictures of Emma, Katie & Isaac's daughter.

I can't wait to take their family photos in a few months!

This is Noah when he was three months old.

This is Noah when he was three months old.

one twenty one / three sixty five

We went to the book fair today! I hope these books last through the summer. They probably won't...

I cannot believe that Christian only has one month left of second grade!

thirty nine / three sixty five

I tried my hand at freelensing for today's photo of the day. 

Freelensing is taking pictures with your lens unattached to the camera to get a certain type of focus/blur on your photos.  Basically, the hardest way to take pictures, but freelensing can be beautiful when done right. Obviously, I need practice.

twenty seven / three sixty five

twenty four / three sixty five

seventeen / three sixty five