red bud isle

Bee invited me along on her engagement shoot at Red Bud Isle. I decided to take some behind the scenes photos for fun. The location was so pretty. It's a woodsy off leash dog park where you can hike. There were also people canoeing & kayaking. The parking is a bit insane. When we were leaving, there were five cars lined up waiting for a parking space. So, basically, you have to be lucky to get parking.

sixteen / three sixty five

School was cancelled because of sleet & cold ass weather. So macro ice seems fitting for today.

ninety six / three sixty five // lady bird johnson wildflower center

water droplets

thirty nine / three sixty five

I tried my hand at freelensing for today's photo of the day. 

Freelensing is taking pictures with your lens unattached to the camera to get a certain type of focus/blur on your photos.  Basically, the hardest way to take pictures, but freelensing can be beautiful when done right. Obviously, I need practice.

liz, brendan, & kayla

liz, brendan, & kayla

Just wanted to share a few shots from the Liz & Brendan photo shoot. Kayla is my best friend, so of course I had to take a few pictures of her. Brendan & Kayla are siblings & he wanted a few pictures with her. Honestly, I loved this photo shoot so much. I wish I could work with Brendan & Liz again. Liz is the sweetest person ever. And it's not every day that you get to work with a dude who wants his photo taken. And those tattoos & piercings? Seriously so awesome.

favorite images

favorite images

I wanted to put together a post of all of my favorite images that I took over my time in Sanderson. 

nature in macro

Different camera settings, different macro lengths, different angle, but the same exact plant.

The top photo is taken with my regular lens. The bottom photo is taken with a macro filter of the same exact flower. The bottom photo isn't perfect, but I'm still practicing with the filters. Practice makes perfect.