thirty two / three sixty five

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I have been planning to take some self portraits, especially since I got the new camera. I put it off until today. I used today as a rest day from the gym since I was super sore. I love how these turned out. Annnd, yes, I forced myself to smile. Surprisingly, I am okay with the picture.

I bought this jacket from modcloth in October. I was so disappointed that the jacket didn't fit me right. It was extremely boxy looking & couldn't even zip. I randomly decided to try it on ( 4 - 5ish months later) & it fits! Maybe not perfectly, but I felt confident in the jacket & I was able to zip it. I had to kind of zip it at my waist & then pull it down, but still! I knew going to the gym was working despite the fact that the number on the scale hasn't moved. I knew my shirts were fitting better & I was getting stronger, but putting on the jacket was the first time I knew 100% that my body was changing. Just gotta trust the process & keep going. 

favorite images

favorite images

I wanted to put together a post of all of my favorite images that I took over my time in Sanderson.