eighteen / three sixty five

Since the D750 has wifi, I am able to use a Nikon app to transfer photos from camera to phone & use my phone as a shutter button. Pretty neat thing.

thirteen / three sixty five

I had  to convince Christian to go outside. He was really into creating a level for his game. But he knew I wanted to practice using my camera. Haha.

Christian claims today was the first time he really learned how to swing. Pretty sure he has done it before, but I guess he doesn't remember. Sadly, he ended up swinging too high, losing grip, & falling off the swing onto his stomach. He was fine though. After that, we played a thief/spy/guard game. By the end of park time, Christian said today was the best day he had in awhile. We'll be going back tomorrow if it's not too cold!

halloween cookies.

samantha whitford photography austin texas photographer (12).jpg

basically more pictures of blake.

samantha whitford photography atx (2).jpg

last day of july.

These were taken on our walk home from the gym. Christian is going through his don't take pictures of me phase, which is fine. He has every right to not have his picture taken. Sometimes, I can be a bit much. But I have been kind of sad about not having very many pictures of him over from the summer, so I decided to take my camera to the gym just in case he let me take pictures on the way home. Surprisingly, he did!

Christian is so cute with his missing teeth & his long summer hair. He's so ready to chop off his hair though. I'm just nervous about finding a hairdresser who can properly cut his hair. The last few times he has gotten his hair cut, they have messed up the cut.

Christian starts third grade & turns eight in twenty two days! Eek!