Take a picture of moms with their kid(s).

I made a post for Mother's Day but I didn't publish it in May because I was sad because there were barely any pictures of me & Christian taken candidly or by other people. Most were selfie-type photos that I took of us. My experience has always been when I ask people to take pictures of me & Christian together, they huff & puff about it. But I always make an effort to take pictures of my siblings with their kids or my husband with our son. I completely understand that not everyone is a ~*photographer*~ but it is sad when no one cares to take the pictures on their own or without getting mad about it. When I was making the post, I realized that I didn't have an updated picture with Christian. The last picture of us was at Halloween & his face is covered. I don't know. It threw me off, I guess.

I don't know why but moms are hardly ever in photos. They are always behind the camera or no one thinks that mom wants a photo with their kid. Everyone knows a mom...so do her a favor & take a picture of her with her kids. Even if she complains about how she looks or refuses to look at the picture. Then, take a step further & PRINT the pictures for them. Moms will cherish the photos, especially as their kids get older. These pictures are important.

So, while we were at Main Event for Christian's birthday, I told John to take pictures of us doing stuff together. I love those pictures. It actually shows that I was there, having fun with my child for his birthday. I don't care that they aren't the most flattering photos or that I had a double chin. None of that matters

I published the Mother's Day post anyway because I did want it published. It's obviously backdated.