the few photos of me & john

These are the few photos I have of me & John together before we had our son & got married.

The photo on the left was during 8th grade. I had taken a film camera to school because it was close to the end of the school year or something. I don't know but I spent a period taking pictures of everyone in class. I'm so happy someone took this photo of us. We were just friends at this point. I actually have another one of us together, but we're flipping off the camera. Total badasses, I know.

The photo on the right, we were in 10th grade & had been dating for a few months. I had a black point & shoot camera that my sister had bought for me. Honestly, I have no idea how I have this photo. Also, the photo is pixelated as hell. 

These two photos were printed in the newspaper, they are a bit pixelated, one of them is overexposed, & the colors are way off. I love & cherish these photos, but I wish so much that they were printed on actual photo paper. These photos could tear so easily, they could get wet & would be ruined instantly, & I could easily lose them if I were to take them out of the album.

John is pixelated & I am pretty sure I had that printed on some crappy paper from a crappy printer at home. I was only fifteen or sixteen at the time with no money to print from a real photo lab. In the middle is me, dressed for Halloween. I do not remember if this was taken with a point & shoot camera or a film camera. Either way, it's a miracle I have it. The third photo is our prom photo. The only reason we have this is because money was spent to have these printed by the photographer. Prints matter!

If you're wondering why I have so few photos, click the link below.

why prints matter