For a month, we lived without furniture in the new apartment. When the furniture arrived putting everything where they belonged was a pain in the ass. But we got it done & now our apartment feels more like a home. 

I am super excited that Fall is here. This means I won't die from the heat & will likely go out to shoot more. I'm curious to see what is around my neighborhood & to see if there are any spots worth shooting at. Also, all the new series that come out in the Fall. Once Upon a TimeGrey's Anatomy are where it's at.

Christian is doing awesome in school. He recently lost both of his top teeth. For awhile, he was always talking about the tooth fairy. Christian was asking if the tooth fairy was real or not. I had to tell him mom & dad were actually the tooth fairies. He would get mad when I told him the tooth fairy is as a real as he believes it to be. Deep inside, he knew, but he just wanted me to confirm the truth for him.

Look at his adorable little face. <3

I decorated for Halloween! First time since owning a home that I have done so. I hope to get a little more elaborate each year, but I'm happy with my set up for this year. We got Christian's costume & I am thinking of dressing him up this weekend to take pictures like I did last year.