twenty seven.

I am twenty-seven years old, which is just insane. I don't feel as if I am nearly thirty years old. I don't feel like I have been around that long. I got the idea to write out a list of things i have learned in my life from my sweet friend, Clarice. I thought it would be a good idea to get some clarity on who I am at a core level. I may not always like myself, but I do love the person I am deep down - my beliefs, my humanity, & my compassion. Most of these, I have learned within the last six or seven years.



kids are not malicious. they are not out to get you.

kids are people. they have their own thoughts & feelings. they are not property. you do not own your children.

it's ok to say yes more than no.

it's ok to show affection. showing affection does not spoil a child.

when kids are unhappy, they do not need punishment. they need compassion & understanding. they need parents who see their struggles & will help them through their distress.



just let people enjoy things. who cares if it's ugly, gross, or not something you would do.

it is useless fighting about politics & religion with people. if they aren't already on the same page as you, then they probably never will be.

being wrong is ok. admitting being wrong may be hard, but do admit anyway.

do not let anyone stop you from being who you are & from enjoying what you love.

anxiety attacks are temporary.

decluttering your life will make you feel at peace in your home.

atheism works for me. i tried being a christian & believing, but it just never worked for me. i am so much happier now that i have stopped forcing myself to believe.

you think you know everything until a few years past & you realize you were dumb as hell. stay humble. keep an open mind. learn what you can.

be kind, but don't take shit from anyone.

trust your intuition. listen to your mind & heart. you know what is best for you.

always keep perspective. keep yourself in check. we all go a little crazy sometimes. that's ok as long as you rein it in & check yourself.


health & fitness (body & mental)

fatloss is more important than weightloss. weightloss is not the same as fatloss.

the scale is pretty much useless.

lifting heavy is better than cardio, in my opinon.

exercising helps keep anxiety & depression to a minimum.

there is so much pressure to enjoy things. if you aren't doing the most during holidays, your birthday, or the freakin weekend, then you aren't spending your time correctly. ignore the pressure & focus on what's important: the things that make you & your family happy.

it's ok to cut out the toxic people in your life, even if they are family.

it's ok if you aren't happy 24/7. just breathe & try your best to relax. let the feelings happen & they will pass eventually.

everything should be consumed in moderation. anything can become addicting or harmful.

you can have a flexible diet (the lifetime kind, not the temorary diet fads), & still lose fat or maintain a healthy weight. you don't have to eat salads for the rest of your life, but you shouldn't eat candy every single day. basically, just don't eat & drink like an asshole. this is something i still struggle with but i am working on this every day.

you are not supposed to use shampoo, brush your hair, use heat, or wear a pony tail every single day. cutting these out a few times a week will greatly improve your hair's health & encourage growth.

you can't please everybody everyday, not even your closest bff. sometimes, you just gotta focus on yourself & let everyone deal with their feelings.