why i no longer sell digital files

When I was in high school, my sister bought me a point & shoot camera for my birthday; I was beyond happy. I could finally post pictures of myself taken by ME. Selfies were important to me & they still are. I took a whole bunch of pictures of me & my husband (then boyfriend, of course) together, I loved them. I was just a teenager; I didn't have my own money, so I never had the chance to have them printed. I saved them all on a cheapie flash drive. As most flash drives do, especially cheapie flash drives, the files were corrupted. I lost years of photographs of myself, of John, & of us together. I was devastated. I didn't realize that files could be corrupted. I never imagined that I wouldn't have time to print the photos. Luckily, I do have just a few pictures of John & I. They are some of my most important & favorite photos that I have.

Back in November, during an event, I somehow misplaced all of my photos that were on my hard drive. I was mortified & disappointed. I lost two years worth of photos - of my son, my husband, my friends, my family, & my clients. I didn't know what to do. By some miracle I found them a few weeks ago.

A few months back, I somehow lost my hard drive for several weeks. I couldn't find it anywhere. The hard drive wasn't where I thought I left it. So again, I was devastated. Not only did I lose all of the photos I spent years working on, but I also lost all the original files, so I couldn't edit them again even if I wanted to.

So basically I took this as the universe telling me to be smart with my work. To be smart with the photos I take of everyone I love. I took this as a sign to start offering products instead of digital files. You never know what might happen between the photo shoot & the delivery.

Of course there will be digital images for social media purposes.