working out

I have always loved lifting weights.

The first time I stepped into a gym was in middle school. I hated P.E., but I always felt good after a gym session. We did what we could with the little bit of knowledge we had. I always felt badass after lifting some weights. In 2014, I was a part of a gym for a few months. I was working out with a friend at the time. It was great. I quit after a few months due to some drama. I didn't make it back to the gym until I moved to Austin 2016. At first, being in the gym was intimidating. I didn't know what to do. I followed some fitness accounts on Instagram, looked up work outs on Pinterest, & hoped for the best.


november 2016


december 2017

There aren't any major noticeable differences between the November 2016 & December 2017 photos, except for knowledge & confidence in the gym. I am more likely to tune people out when working out now. I don't mind taking up space & using the equipment without worrying what people think. Well, most of the time. I have a general idea of what my workout of the day will be. I am still learning about form & I am still pushing myself to lift & push heavier than yesterday.

I absolutely love working on legs & glutes. But sometimes I switch favorites to biceps & triceps. It really just depends on my attitude that day & motivation level. And then there are some days where I just work out my entire body because my energy level is insane. Those are the best & most rewarding days. Although, I have noticed that after those kinds of days I tend to take a long break from working out. I don't know why. My determination just gets put on hold. But when I go back, I am usually lifting heavier than before. I really push myself.

I love buying workout clothes. Like L O V E. If I could, I would probably buy new leggings every week from every shop I follow. My recent purchase is from Another shop I love is Other than having great designs, I love their message. I love that they push women to lift heavy & best their best. They are body positive, which is a major plus for me. Oddly enough, my favorite leggings are from Old Navy though. One is plain black & the other has mesh as seen in the second body photo above. My shirts are usually from wickedclothes or lookhuman. The shirt above from grrrl is a new favorite, but it's long sleeves so I have to wait until the weather is approrpriate. Ugh. As always, I am a converse girl & always will be. 

I post my workout on my Instagram [samantha_whitford] after each gym session. I love keeping track so that I can look back & see what has changed in weight limit, sets, & reps.