first ten years.

2009 // 40 WEEKS 3 DAYS // 8LBS 13OZ

One // 2010: Christian & I had just gotten back from spending the summer in Sanderson. John was able to visit for Christian's birthday during AIT. We had (cheese)cake & ice cream with Grandma Becky, Grandpa Phil, & Aunt Michelle.

Two // 2011: We had been living in Fort Hood, Tx for a month. We took Christian to the arcade & he absolutely loved it.

Three // 2012: John was away at training or deployed so Christian & I ended up in Ft. Stockton/Sanderson for the summer. John was able to make it to the birthday party that Christian shared with his cousin, Aiden. It was a Spongebob themed pool party.

Four // 2013: Again, we ended up back in Sanderson for his birthday. Two balloons flew away before I got this shot. lol. We had the party at Grandma Frances' house where we had BBQ & watermelon. So good!

Five // 2014: I hung five balloons on Christian's bedroom door for him to discover when he woke up. We had cake & opened presents at the house then we went out to eat for dinner.

Six // 2015: Sanderson, again. This time, Christian shared his birthday with his cousin, Roxy. He swam, ate some good food, & had fun hitting the pinata.

Seven // 2016: We had just moved back home from living in Sanderson for awhile. We celebrated with cheesecake, presents, & went bowling.

Eight // 2017: Chrisitan started third grade on his birthday, but we did celebrate with cake, presents, & going to Top Golf the weekend before.

Nine // 2018: We celebrated his birthday by going to Main Event & having cake at home. tenth birthday (3).jpg

Ten // 2019: We went to Main Event & had cake & ice cream at home. This year, insteaod of taking a bunch of pictures, Christian had me take a bunch of videos instead.

my best friend got married!

I got to fly to Illinois to be with my best friend for her wedding. I, along with multiple other people, helped set up her reception hall. The wedding was beautiful. Kayla was beautiful. & I teared up when I saw that she was tearing up. The reception was a blast & the food was super delicious. The most amazing thing were the cake pops that Kayla’s mom made!

The day after the wedding, we all had to leave. :( Before we headed to the airport, we went sight seeing, ate some yummy ice cream, & went to a museum where they kept trying to kick us out. lmao.

We got our eyebrows done pretty much as soon as I landed. lol.
Kayla & I waiting on Devin & Marissa to land.

Kayla & Aaron fixing the cake table.
Aaron fixing the sign stand & Kayla talking to Devin & Marissa.

Kayla getting her eyelashes done.
I also got my eyelashes done. I loved them!
Kayla getting her hair done.

I look like crap, but yay for “real” pictures with the bff (& her husband.)

at the reception

at the reception

A quick selfie while sightseeing.

A quick selfie while sightseeing.

after we were basically kicked out of the museum.

after we were basically kicked out of the museum.