science fair project

In fourth & fifth grade, science fair projects are mandatory. So, for Christian’s science project, he watered three plants with lemon juice, coca cola, & tap water. Unsurprisingly, tap water won. Surprsingly, coke did better than the lemon juice.


I had donut holes for breakfast & took a long nap. We had Chik Fil A for dinner & played Uno for three hours. I baked chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake. It was good day. <3

back to school

Christmas break was so great that Christian did not really want to go back to school. It was even foggy & gloomy outside to match his feelings. As we were walking to school, he felt a little taller to me. I don’t know if it was his haircut or if he really grew taller over the break but I am not okay with that. I can’t believe this is the last semester of fourth grade & I know this is going to go by in a flash.

favorite of 2018

I didn’t take a whole lot of personal photos this year. I wasn’t feel inspired enough, which sucks, but it is what it is. I managed to get down to Sanderson for my cousin’s wedding & spent a few weeks visiting family during the summer. I had the best photoshoots this year & I still gush over the pictures every time I look at them.