I met Bee on a Facebook page for photographers. I had just moved to Austin & I wanted to connect with some local photographers. Bee was one of the first people to get in touch with me. We got coffee & bonded over photography.

Bee is a really talented photographer so you should check out her work at:

Busy Bee Studio

I was super excited when she asked me to take some photos of her because hello, pink hair & she has an awesome sense of style. So, we ended up going to Georgetown, Texas & OMG that town is so adorable! Of course, we ended the photo shoot at Starbucks!

sam kay photography austin texas georgtown texas

kayla & champagne | belton texas portrait photographer

Kayla is my best friend. I met her back in 2014 through the photography community in Fort Hood, Texas. At first, we didn't talk at all. I was shy & because she is tall & beautiful, I was intimidated by her. I quickly realized that she isn't a snobby person at all & we bonded over our strong belief of building women up, not tearing them down.

Kayla is so sweet, supportive, & amazing. She has helped me so much with my photography by modeling for me, letting me know if my work looked like crap or not, & being my editor for my blog & captions. She has been there for me through all of my problems & has kept me sane when I was at my lowest. She is truly the best friend I could ever have. I am seriously baffled how anyone could take her for granted.

Without further ado, here is our last photo shoot together.

Well, at least until I see her next time.

kayla | modern red riding hood